Anti Jo-1 Antibody

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Anti Jo-1 Antibody

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Clinical Usefullness

Jo 1 (histidyl tRNA synthetase) antibody test is useful in evaluating patients with signs and symptoms compatible with a connective tissue disease, especially those patients with muscle pain and limb weakness, concomitant pulmonary signs and symptoms, Raynaud phenomenon, and arthritis.

Jo 1 antibodies are a marker for the disease polymyositis, and occur most commonly in myositis patients who also have interstitial lung disease. The antibodies occur in up to 50% of patients with interstitial pulmonary fibrosis and symmetrical polyarthritis. Testing for antibodies to Jo 1 is not useful in patients with a negative test for antinuclear antibodies. A negative test for Jo 1 antibodies does not exclude the diagnosis of polymyositis or dermatomyositis.

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Variable Please confirm with the laboratory prior to testing.

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